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New SAHRSA Western Cape District

!! Announcement !!

Welcome to our newly formed Central Karoo District. This is the 5th Western Cape District to affiliate to SAHRSA and the management would like to wish Hennie Landman and his team all the best in growing the SAHRSA shooting discipline in their district.

Management of SAHRSA Central Karoo District

Chairman - Hennie Landman

Vice Chairman - Henk van Zyl

Secretary - Beulah van Zyl

Treasurer - Wallie Nigrini

Additional Member - Jeanine Nigrini

We invite members, interested sport shooters and sponsors in the Central Karoo Municipal district to make contact with the team for further information on how to affiliate and join the team in growing the sport in the district. Contact details can be found on our contact list https://www.sahuntingrifle.co.za/contact-us/8


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