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Wildman KZN MP 223

Date: July 10, 2021
Venue: Indawo Game Lodge
GPS: 26°36'09.2"S, 30°06'45.5"E

 Inskrywings Oop / Entries Open


Inskrywings proses  /  Entry Procedures

1) Maak betaling volgens die aantal en klassifikasie van deelnemers.

Lede R600                    Familie en Juniors onder 18 R500

Nie lede R700

Gebruik u Lid Nommer Van en Voorletters as verwysing

Make Payment according to the number of entrants per class of entry

Use your Member Number + Surname and Innitials  as your reference

2) Maak kopie van bewys van betaling / Download a copy of proof of payment

3) Doen aanlyn inskrywing en heg die bewys van betaling aan


Do entry online and attach the proof of payment

PLEASE NOTE: You have to add an email address to each entry, If it is a child you could use your email address and his birthdate for the ID.

Please select the relevant setting under member:
Yes = Member
No = Non Member
FM = Family Member (Family is a child, wife,husband or non-working student of a competing parent only)

Step 1: Complete the form below.

Please complete the form below to Pre-register for this event.
Entry 1:
Member Number:
Cost: R
+ ADD Another Entry

Additional Notes:

Total Amount Payable:

Step 2: Make Payment

Please make payment now. Use (Name and Surname) - (Membership No.) as your payment reference.


Naam: MM Gross Bank: Capitec Rek no: 1537607136 Tak kode: 470010

Save the proof of payment. You need to submit it in Step 3 below.

Step 3: Submit Everything.

Proof of Payment:

I have read the Code of Conduct and familiarized myself with the rules

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